One world. Onetime.

Finally, a clock that shows your favorite time zones on one simple dial.

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About Onetime.

More and more we are all living and working globally. So we need a way to simply see the time anywhere at a glance.

That's how Onetime™ was born.

Say goodbye to that wall full of clocks and forget that mental math you've been doing. Say hello to Onetime today.

Fly through time

With Timetravel you can quickly find the right moment to schedule that important teleconference or catch your loved ones before their bedtimes.

Share your time

Schedule meetings with the Onetime “Share” feature. Use Timetravel to choose your date and invite colleagues and friends via message or email.


See the current local time
in your favorite cities.
Use Timetravel to find
the right time to connect.
Tap the center to reset
the clock to the current time.
Share your “time to meet”
with friends and colleagues.
Add, delete and set
your favorite cities.